Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Okay... I don't really like this topic either; but it's the one topic I can really babble one.

Hm, so, I suppose everyone knows this word.

On general, it's an affection; perhaps.. an infatuation in some cases.

But otherwise -- It's a wonderful, beautiful thing.

Love makes everything look.. brighter on most corners.

It makes you obsessed.. bla bla bla.

You get the drill.

But, eh, that's not what I'm trying to get here.

Ever watched CSI? [Lol, random comment moment]

No, really; see, if a crime is told by evidence.. what if these evidences were to .. somehow vanish?

Or in most terms, not available to the naked eye.

Or something, I suppose.

And.. what do you do?

I personally, would be consumed by my anger first.

As usual.

But I guess if one were to know the ugly truth anyway... what does that help?

You know, the more I think about the word 'love', the more I want to disappear.


Because it's so darned complicated.

It messed with your head; it's like a parasite.

It becomes a paratism (sp?) relationship. You know, the host gets no benefit from the parasite and become its 'food' of some sort.

Last week, I went out. [My usual one per two weeks break from the horrible isolation area]

And we went back and forth, searching for a graveyard. Like, seriously, up until a campus.

That was a shocker.

If there's one thing I haven't done since I came back to my home country; that's visiting my grandmother's grave.

With no apparent luck, my parents eventually gave up and we went home afterwards.

I know, I know.

How do all of these babbles add, anyway?

First I mentioned Love, then CSI; crimes and all, then a graveyard.

Yesterday, I was listening to a radio station [which wasn't random songs OR Fly Fm] BUT.

Ah hah, BUT, I was oddly concentrating to what the DJ was saying.

[Religious belief; don't comment on this -- I'm just qouting.]

Humans live and die two times.

Our first birth is when we are granted with souls.

Second one is opposedly the day one takes a step on the living dead -- Meaning the After Life.

Our first death is when we are carried over to the living world.

Second is when we die on normal terms, obviously, if that wasn't obvious enough.

Before you judge or comment, this isn't really what he said but it's close enough, I guess.

My memory doesn't go that far back; I wouldn't have known.

Anyway... what was I going to babble about in the first place?

Hm.. oh yeah.

I totally forgot!
Our new kitten; found in an engine. O_o;
She's like.. so annoying at times, but I'm the one to wash and feed her. -_-'''
Oh yeah, I'm reading Nana.
Haha, I know, I'm so bored right now.
Well, I lost my real topic and my head's all spinny.
See you later, Cousy~!