Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today marks...

The first time I came home by myself! Weee. -Proud-

Haha, so, since it's my first time, ALONE, a lot of things happened. Maybe that's why I'm so tired right now. I should put that into consideration...

Hmm. Where should I start?

Well, I WALKED from the dorm to the train station. Coming out at 14:00-ish, and arriving at around 14:30. So then, since my friend taught me beforehand, I was happy to go around knowing the directions. ^-^ Despite my lack of directions. -Ahem-

And yeah, I got on board, arriving at the right destination and stuff, drenched in sweat. Yes, drenched in sweat. People around me would've thought I ran a marathon. But it eventually, slowly, faded away by time.

Due to my clumsiness, I had to check my purse several times, just to make sure I don't leave anything important laying around anywhere. That was easier since I just had my backpack and my purse with me.

So then, on the way from the LRT changing to the KTM station, I was held back by this guy. Of which, I was already before, the first time I came home with my friend. And I decided to give him a chance to talk and so on and so forth. He talked for like 20 minutes, when he said it'd only take 2-3 minutes. Haha.

I had my earphones on. -Cough- Since I wear hijab, people don't notice this. Some. Very few. I'm pretty sure a wire hanging on my shirt would give them a clue. -Shrug-

The guy is like some kind of... service thing. Lol, I don't really know how to explain it. It's just like that, service thing. Insurance, stuff. And when he asked me my age (beforehand he asked if I were working or still studying)..

"How old are you?"
Me: "I'm 18."
Him: "Seriously? I'd thought you were.."
Me: "20+? I know. I get that a lot."
Him: "You just seem so mature."

Bla bla bla. I really get that a lot. One time this man asked me if I were married. Shocker. It would've been more realistic if I had my gold ring on at that time..

Afterwards, I decided not to sign up, and FINALLY walk away, and was like, "Wow, he just spent 20 meaningless minutes with me. Woo. Thanks. xD" and right after, the train I was supposed to get on arrived. Just on time. Again, thanks.

For that while, I felt so exhausted. First, I was extremely thirsty. Thank God I wasn't fasting today. I would've felt so lifeless. Secondly, I was sooo hungry. I just had one decent meal for like, 3 days, I think? And the meal was so spicy, and sooo... whatever. I'm still thirsty and dying, by the way.

Arriving upon Nilai, I hurried to a shop where I purchased 100 Plus after convincing myself I REALLY, HONESTLY, needed a good, cold, isotonic drink. Wah, felt so good after that. But then I had to do more waiting, because upon my text to my mother that I arrived, she was just about to do her prayer.

So I walked around. Yes, me, who doesn't like clothes and shopping, actually walked around some shops. Particularly the flower shop, where I choked on my drink. xDD

Want to know why? I was drinking right before going past it, and... Adam's song 'Hi' came on and I almost, deliberately, spitted out the water in my mouth and choked. It's been so effin' long since I heard his voice, nor his song. (l) Brings back good memories. (:

Oh yeah, before I had purchased the drink, two girls came up to me and was like, "Do you know the way to Giant?"

I was like, "Giant Nilai?"
"Yeah, can it be reached by bus?"
Me: "I'm not sure, but I suppose you can go there by taxi? It's not that far from here."

Right after I said that, I was like, "Why the heck did I say that? We're in Nilai, of course it'd be Giant Nilai. -_-" And seconds after.. "Well, you never know. Maybe there's a lot of Giant around here that I might not know about." Self-conversation there for a moment.

I'm always surprised why people ask me these questions. Is it because I look nice and kind? Or is it due to the fact that there's nobody around to ask? I doubt that. There were a lot of people around. -Shrug- Maybe I look like a person people need to ask questions at. Maybe I should be a question booth now. Woo. From a walking dictionary... Well, questions booth is kind of like a walking dictionary, I guess.

Aww. I thought my rank would go up a bit.. ;(

Man, I should really get a drink.... I wonder if my roommates are asleep or not. They're probably not. =P They slept as I left for the train station, I don't know if they were even awake to take their laundry on time. Maybe I should've reminded them. Lol. I can't spoil them too much, though.

Like this morning for example, I woke up late on purpose. Especially since they said they're going to college at 11. So yeah, I didn't wake up as early as 7, also because I didn't want to go back to sleep afterwards. (P.S. we always do this. ALWAYS) So eventually I slept until I couldn't anymore and slipped away to the shower and getting ready. And then, Yan and Ekyne proceeded to do the same. It's been like that for the past two weeks that we've been roommates.

And I just realized why. Before I left the house, my roommates were talking and they were like, this morning I woke up early, but then I saw you guys still asleep, so I went back to sleep. I had to chuckle, because I kind of did the same, even though I'm STILL the first to wake up between the three of us. And we're always the last ones to go out. And especially because our class hasn't yet started. Yay for us.

Kinda, because WE JUST found out our schedule TODAY, and we STILL don't know when we start. I heard that we start Monday next week. Maybe that's true. Blah. I'm already home, what the heck.

MAN, I'm still thirsty. Gotta stop ranting about this in my spot and get my bum, and throat, to a drink. Haha.

Well, that's a mouthful. That's all for now.