Thursday, February 24, 2011


Lmao, so like.. on the 5th of March, I'm gonna be attending ANOTHER wedding.
Yes, another.
I know what you're thinking; I probably attend too much to not be able to think about them.

So I've been listening to Big Bang *embarassed* and I thought, "HEY, I could do a whole post on weddings!" *got stuck on Taeyang =-=;*

But first..

Taylor Swift. :P Can't run away from her songs, aha..

And Taeyang!

Okay, um o-o I think weddings are fun to attend. I personally like to see the bride and groom's room. *little girl moment, weeee*

Oh yeah, so SPM results are coming out soon.
I've been anxious and all, maybe that's why my insomnia is creeping back to me.
And... my hand is okay! well.. I can move it, at least. Had to pay a lot for the x-ray films (-_-;)

Enjoy the vids. ^^
*ran out of words to say*
Until I find my ideas again, sayonara.