Saturday, July 18, 2009

Grey skies don't always lead to rain.

Stick to the stuff you know
If you want to be cool
Follow one simple rule...

Stick to the Status Qou.

Haha, random HSM song I'm currently listening to. And all the while, hoping to find old songs for my Father, since he wants some in his phone. It's rather saddening when all the songs in it for now, are quite lame.

His N95 8GB.. Tsk, such a waste.
Oh well.

Anyways. Of course, to me to come around here again, there is something for me to share. It is of my day. Well.. my morning, to be precise. But still.

When I woke up, I was rather disturbed by the dream I had. I shrugged it off, however, thanks to the radio of which, was on all night. I even got to spoil myself; to the matter where, my fever is almost demolished to the core. Really. I'm serious here. My temperature is almost to the normal range, and, so, I am rather fine. I suppose.

I got bored; after praying and whatnot, took the liberty of going downstairs, ready if my Father was to wake up.

Every Saturday morning, my Father and what's left of my siblings, would go to the stadium. That is, to our own liking, to jog. Well, sometimes we run. But we do 10 laps. That's.. 10 . 400m = 4000m. Which is 4 km.

Back to my original topic.

I got bored again; upon having to look over my former History notes.
I used to love History. I still do. Just not my country's history. I like World History. I love it.

So, then, I went out, in intention to cycle along the neighbourhood.

I started along the same old road I use to go to school, then cornered, and went around. I cycled up and down hills. It was epic. I loved it. The wind through my face. It was rather assuring. I had a little piece of .. well, assurance. I can't seem to describe it in any other way.

Hm, yeah.

So then, I 'ran' down the tallest hill upon the neighbourhood, having to stop every few while, in fear I might hit something. I'm not to be taken sure when on the road. I always seem to find myself in the middle of the road.

If it wasn't for the early morning.

It got to the part where I passed a lane. It was rather quiet. But.. you know what?
There were birds flying in sync above the abandoned building. The fresh air. Excluding the dirty environment, it would've been better. Still, it was.. breathtaking. For the first time, ever, in so many years, I was able to be at peace. Even for just a short moment of time. Big cities are an awe to me, but, I know Mother Nature has always interested me. I like the green surroundings. The birds chirping.

Oh, I also came across a group.. flock (?) of chicken. It was, I think, a leader chicken, two hens, about 3 average chicks (meaning not too small, but not really a chicken yet) and a couple of chicks. I almost chuckled at the sight. It reminded me of how long it has been since I've been to the countryside. My grandma.. well, my Father's mother.. doesn't exactly live in of sort. She .. uh, like, a normal neighbouring town.

I smiled brightly upon the sight of the seven strays dogs. I can't even touch them, but, still. It was always a good matter to seeing them run around and barking. (I didn't get chased~! Haha.)
I remembered the 3 puppies in my school. I think they were sent away or something, I no longer come across them each time I walked my way to my bike.

Another; oh well.

Ah, you want to know a random fact?

I wanted to go swimming today; I was rather anxious. But... let's just say it didn't happen.


I think this is all I can manage. I'm starting to fall to the side; tired. Exhausted. Or maybe, drained to many levels.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


What does it take.. for a person to love another?

What will one give, for that person? Would he stay for her, give her all he can? Would he confess undying love, make promises of which; never proven to stay, and never-changing? What.. How does one know, one is in love?

Is it a sin, then, to love someone one can't have?

Is it, a sin, to love someone, when one knows he is never going to stay? It's not the same, when, she cannot stay also?

What does Love bring?

Extreme joyfulness and happiness of being together, when one knows, being apart and nothing changes, is what true Love is about?

Sin, to love someone...?


It's not stated on any Bible, on any Holy Testament, on any Holy Quran, on any Holy and of religious statement, that it is.

Then why..?

Because I am human. And my intuition and alter ego is hard-headed and much egoistic.
It's not enough I confessed Love, they have to drag me all around the corner, to answer helpless questions they know I can't answer.


Only because I am unable to.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm sorry.

That I haven't been around.. Everytime I want to get into typing, I get distracted.

But now, I have a little time before I get myself busy again. I was looking through notes and books.. and I found my Journal book from when I first started writing, and starting ESL lessons.
I haven't noticed I knew words I don't even use anymore; it was rather a shock/surprise to me. There are some where I thought I was rather particularly interested in.

Mr. Glenn, my Year 6 class teacher, made us write a journal every morning before we start class. So we; my classmates and I, got into the habit of writing creatively. We also learnt new phrases through other classes, since Mr. Glenn was our only, and apparent teacher.

Plus, we were advised to read our writings, at least once a month. Sometimes, I got excited; other times, I was barely in the mood.
Well, read.

10 March 2005
Looking through the tiny crack on the floor, I could see I was not alone. I could see that a cut was sitting there. I am in a hounted house since on the last episod, I accidently swithed a Wonderland button to a Haunted house's. So, here I am alone, with a strange cat.

I thought this was.. very surprising. I never knew I learnt how to write like that! ... I have forgotten, mostly. I suppose. Ah, this is even more surprising...

20 April 2005
After walking deep into the lush forest for 9 hours, I stopped, sat down on a mouldy-covered boulder and took a deep breath.

When I took my third breath, I saw a glimpse of a shadow that was running around me as fast as a group of cheetahs.

I got scared, so I took a few steps backwards and started a run.

I ran as fast as I could but the shadow caught up to me. I could not see what the shadow looked like as the dawn had slept, though I was sure the shadow was taking me somewhere.

I had realized I was feeling exhausted, before I fell asleep, while the shadow continue its silent steps...

Heck, how'd I..- Most importantly, what..?

27 April 2005
I casted my rod into the water, sat down and waited for something to happen.

After half an hour, the rod shook. I pulled on the rod hard and an enormous fish appeared in front of me.

"How dare you cast your rod into this river!" exclaimed the fish.

Hm, the rest of this one is mostly.. rather childish, so I'd rather not bore anyone with it. But, I was reminded of how much fish attracted my interest. Especially the underwater life, fish kingdoms, different species of fish, and such.

I think, this is all I can manage, for now. I'm getting back to my week.. when I've enough resources. Until then, I want to thank those who have read this. Have a nice day.