Friday, January 22, 2016

Broken leg

So as usual, I haven't been on as much because I have been busy with my not so temporary job. I worked at a kindergarden and honestly, I quite enjoyed it. Plus I get to cook, and improve my cooking. (It still needs a lot of work. And I'm not married yet)

     I've come to tell you all (all 3 of my followers lol) about what happened to me last Tuesday, around 12pm. See, the irony is, I've just (and I mean JUST) came back from the hospital. And in the morning, I tried to wake my sister up and send me to the ERL but she wouldn't budge and I don't want to park somewhere far so I decided to take her motorcycle. (Bad idea already) I paid like RM1 for parking and moved on to the hospital. I talked to the doctor, got a medicine to get me by until my next dosage and went back home. I ate bread with mushroom soup, because it is the only thing that gets me by in the morning.

     As I was on my way back, I already felt like there was going to be something bad happen, but I didn't know what. You see, you should never ignore your first instincts, because usually they are right.

     So I got back to my motorcycle, and drove back. Everything was going well, until I made a turn and suddenly the brake wouldn't work! I swear, I just flew across the road and into a road light. I lied there for about 10 very long seconds, contemplating on just laying there when out of nowhere, I swear 6-7 men ran towards me (I couldn't see them at first as I was busy laying down in pain on the ground) and started to pull the motorcycle up for me. They couldn't help me pick myself up because that would mean touching me (I guess good men still exist heh) so naturally I had to act tough and got up on my own. They asked me, "Are you okay, miss?" I nodded and they vanished. I swear, either they ran very fast or I blanked out as they went away. Only two men were left and they stayed at the side until I could go back on the motorcycle. Honestly, I was in so much pain from falling down that I decided to stop by a cake shop to eat my pain away. I ordered a blueberry cheesecake and a long black coffee. It was funny because I was hopping around and everyone started and I ignored them because I needed something sweet so I could ride back home.

     So when I came home, my sister opened the door and I gave her a face. She was like, "What?" I said very slowly, "I fell down the motorcycle." She couldn't believe it until I limped on one leg into the house.

     So that's the story of how I fell down the motorycle for the third time. The first and second time occured on the same day and I was fine afterwards. I guess three is my lucky number. And oh, no, my leg is not broken or fractured but the doctor said to go to the hospital if the pain persists, which is what it's doing.

Anyway, thanks for reading this post. I wish you all a good day. Bye!