Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Insults 101

So an insult is basically just a word or a phrase. I know it's hard to recognize when it angers you but believe me, it is a word unless you give it power to be an insult.

Funniest thing happened to me last night, I had spent all night being okay... And happy. And this is weird coming from me, especially being thrown at with this kind of word. I think that, if you can be okay with such a word, maybe you are alright. There is no need to dwell on something that obviously means nothing to you. And that's how insults should be -- nothing. Because it does not, by all means, define who or what you are.

I think this one step will take you far. Try it sometime. Find the humour in the word and you will be okay.

Someone who has never been okay before