Monday, September 2, 2013

Go down or go up?

You must be thinking, "Where are you going?" No, not going anywhere for now, but I will go somewhere in terms of position. Earlier today I met up with a senior, a Master student (who I haven't met since last month) and I decided right then to accompany her to 'punch-card' her work card... or whatever that is called.
And she said..

"You're always sick every time I see you."

I blinked, "Huh? Really?"

"Yeah, remember during Eid, you were also sick."

I nodded silently,
"Oh yeah, don't know. Always sick this semester."

"Maybe you're too busy."

I thought about that, "I'm not that busy..."

Or am I?

There must be some truth to that statement, because a lot of people, especially lately have been telling, "Don't work too hard", or they might say, "You're too workaholic", or the simple, "You need to take things easy."

I do believe that I am busy. But that's only because being busy brings some sort of happy feelings. It keeps me occupied most of the time, and the problems that I can ever have is sickness and too much work. I don't have to think about other people not paying attention, or other people having problem with me. Funny thing is, the moment I start to get less busy, other problems find their way to me.

Heh. Back to the question, up or down??

Of course I'm going down.. but BEFORE you go down in any way, you need to make sure you don't leave a weak generation after you. :)
"Because the future of tomorrow starts with today!"

So, where do you start?

Erk... Okay! Let's go back to basics. What is a leader?

A leader is not just one who leads, but they who are able to leave a generation of leader. Leaders are also usually risk-takers, and they look back before they look forward. Leaders don't say, "Go!", they say, "Let's go!"

And ever since the last event, my juniors have been asking. "Who is going to replace you??" Hm. It's not just finding the right person, it's about making sure the person is strong enough to walk in the shoes.

A leader never simply tells their followers what to do, they are with them every step of the way.

Hopefully I can leave with a permanent footstep in the rocks. *writing mood. 

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