Friday, October 2, 2009


Okay... so today, as I have slept through almost the whole of my Friday, 2nd October's evening, I decided to give a peek to my favourite channel;

The History Channel.

I don't give a damn what people think or don't think -- Because it doesn't affect the opinion I have.

Now.. back to the topic.

The show is thus; Battleplan.
They were talking about the Germans -- II World War; Nazi's.
A plan namely called Blitzkrieg.

And yeah, one thing, I write based on what I've collected. I didn't exactly see the whole thing -- Beginning or until the end. Because.. well, my mother wanted to see the news; And I could always catch it later on in the early morning. (2 - 3 am)

Of which.. I'm too anxious to wait for the whole thing over again.

Okay.. so Blitzkrieg; a plan of storming the enemy in quick but intense attacks.
Such as the Nazi's were in the border of.. France, I recalled.

Here's a .. a little of the plan.

1) Deceive the enemy

2) Control the air

3) Breakthrough

4) Strike deep

5) Follow up

-- Counterattack

-- Logistics

Oh, and before I forget; it's 39' - 40' -- If you get what I mean.
(1939 - 1940) Hitler's Invasion

Hm.. I don't understand it much, so I rather not push my luck.

The first, I suppose, is rather obvious.
Deceive the enemy.

The battleplanner sent different troops to different places around Germany and nearing the French borders. As in, to confuse the British and the French.
The offending, apparently, doesn't notice this -- The Nazi's sending three other.. um, let's just call it a troop, cornering them around.
Smart. And rather neat.
I'm not quite sure where this came in; it was somewhere after or before Control the air.

One of my favs; Control the air.
Of course -- By using air troops.. uh, the Air Force.

By this, they are to target to controlling the skies, dropping off bombs.. or whatever it is they do, to weaken the enemy.

... I keep spelling enemy like 'enermy'. xD

Hm, I think I rather not go into Iraq; it's rather a sensitive topic.
They mentioned something about the US.. um, using the battleplan against Iraq.

And again, I rather not go into it.
I know it's just a historical.. um, .. er, historical event.. But still.

Last; History's awesome once you understand it.
I can't wait to take the History World Affair (1917[??] - 1991)after my National's..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drama - 2 October.

It's.. October!
24 to his, a month to my birthday; and forget it, I'm not having a birthday party -- Ever.
I've found Twilight.. FINALLY.
I ate ice-cream today; with a sore throat.
It still hurts.. but who cares.

Looking for a Rain God
Act 1

Narrator: The bush is a land where it is ploughed for crops to grow. Farmers walk a fair distance to reach their destination; while their rest areas are mainly rather shady and comfortable. It is until, a seven-year drought sweeps the land dry; the moss is crinkly and dry, the flowers are gone, and the soil becomes arid. By early November, however, the rain finally came in; even so just a slight, misty rain. The Mokgobja family is one of the families that seek this as a chance.
(Mokgobja introduces himself first; going on the stage first, as well. The rest comes on afterwards, introducing themselves. They then take a place on the stage, ‘marking the spot’.)
Narrator: Ramadi, being the head and supporter of the family, begins ploughing the land as Mokgobja stays around whilst Neo is overwhelmed in her little girl world.
(Tiro sits not far from Neo’s spot, watching over her. Neo doesn’t notice this; as she plays with her doll, seeming to mumble. After Ramadi finishes ploughing, he perks up slightly as Mokgobja exits the stage.)
Ramadi: Come child, it is time.
(Neo scurries over to her father, Tiro following from behind.)
Act 2
Narrator: The family then returns back to the village, with high hopes – Until the rain fled away.
(Mokgobja enters at first, looking frustrated, stomping around. Ramadi follows along, slightly calm, though still looking frustrated. Tiro comes on with bowls, setting in the middle of the stage as Neo skitters after her, somewhat helping with the setting though Neo just peers rather sneakily.)
Tiro: Neo, no, no, no, no. Don’t disturb me, I’m preparing dinner.
Neo: (Weeps and tugs on Ramadi) Daddy…
Ramadi: (Looks down at Neo) Yes, Neo, what’s wrong?
Neo: Mummy hates me… (She weeps)
Tiro: Father, let’s eat.
Mokgobja: (Sits down soon after, looking at Ramadi) Ramadi, come eat.
Ramadi: Your Mummy doesn’t hate you. She was just kidding. Come eat with me.
Neo: It’s time to eat! Hurray!

(Ramadi sits next to Tiro, Neo just beside him)

Narrator: Their hopes had run so high; but now, they ate plain porridge with no milk.
Neo: (After a while, she goes to a corner, saying) You stupid thing (She says as she looks at the doll) When I send you to draw water, why do you spill half of it out of the bucket!
Narrator: Even so Neo seems happy with her little girl world, the adults paid no attention to this; they just sat, waiting for the rain.

(Mokgobja and the two sit facing the audience; a blank expression worn. Depressed, worried and exhaustion written all over their faces)

Narrator: Neo just happily takes her nap, while her mother, Tiro, loses all senses.
(Neo goes to sleep with her doll, hugging it. Tiro stands up, and walks around like a mad person. Ramadi begins to stand up, but Mokgobja shakes his head at Ramadi; Ramadi nods, sitting back, now just watching Tiro.)

Narrator: Mokgobja, by all means of luck, remembers an old ritual.

Mokgobja: I have a solution to our problems!
(He suddenly perks; Ramadi blinks once, raising an eyebrow)
Ramadi: What is it?
Mokgobja: Don’t talk when I talk! Just listen. When I was young, I watched a rain-making ceremony.
Ramadi: If you can remember, then there is still hope. We can do it together…
Mokgobja: But… (He glances slightly at Neo) She would have to die.
Ramadi: (Gasps a little, surprised at the remark) Are you crazy? She is my only child and your only grandchild.
Mokgobja: But you said… we can do it together.
Ramadi: (He sighs, finally giving in) Then I’m willing to let go…

(But if I let you go
I will never know
What my life would be,
Holding you close to me
Will I ever see?
You smiling back at me
How will I know?
If I let you go) [[This is my spotlight;; I'm singing this chorus~]]

Mokgobja & Ramadi: Shut up.
Mokgobja: But you have to tell Tiro first.
Narrator: Ramadi tells Tiro of the idea; and tries to do so calmly.
(Ramadi walks over to Tiro, shaking her a little. Ramadi fumbles around a little for a while; before Tiro falls slowly, totally devastated of the news. Tiro stands up quickly afterwards, running out. Ramadi follows after her.)
[Exit Stage]

Act 3

Narrator: It is clear that Tiro couldn’t accept the death of her daughter, even so for the rain. By any means, this doesn’t exactly stop Mokgobja and Ramadi from doing so.
(Neo runs in first, Mokgobja afterwards. They start pulling both ways – Until Ramadi comes in, swats Mokgobja’s hand. Ramadi clenches his eyes as he pulls Neo close, only to stab her. Moments later, Tiro runs in, pushing them aside as Mokgobja calmly frown; though unsure of what he should feel at the moment)

Narrator: Neo dies in the end – A very tragic death.

(Neo, having fallen to the ground, told Ramadi she loved her father regardless. Tiro cries endlessly, then Ramadi starts to tear up; beginning to moan over the death of his child – Even so he killed her himself)

Narrator: Ramadi regrets his actions; Mokgobja slowly beginning to realize what terrible crime he has done; kneels down in front of Neo. Mokgobja quickly regains his ‘conscious’, telling Ramadi to help him with the ritual before the Rain God refuses the sacrifice. Tiro, unable to watch, walks out once again.

(They do as the narrator narrates, Tiro walking as if she is dragging her feet – Very reluctant to move away)

Narrator: Mokgobja and Ramadi begins the ritual as they bring Neo’s body over to bury her, starting the ritual soon after.

(Mokgobja and Ramadi carries Neo over to a spot, then sitting down, mumbling as they close their eyes. Neo is buried over and they exit stage, somehow taking Neo along)

Act 4

Narrator: Mokgobja, always full of hope, impatiently waits for the rain as Ramadi being full of guilt, hopes desperately that it would suffice with the sacrifice and having to let go of his own daughter.

(Mokgobja enters first, walking around for a while. Ramadi comes in, a frown on his head, mumbling as if he is angry at something. After a while this continues; Tiro steps in, pointing at the two slowly)

Tiro: They… are the ones who killed my daughter, Neo. (She sobs exasperatedly as the police come in on stage)

Police: (Taking out the gun, the police walk toward the two, taking Mokgobja first, then Ramadi afterwards) The only punishment for ritual murder is of course, a death sentence.
Narrator: The Mokgobja family was easily termed-with for everyone who lived off crops. They knew that only a hair’s breadth saved them for sharing the same fate of the family. They knew they would’ve done the same thing.

(The police drags out Mokgobja and Ramadi, Tiro silently following behind)
[Exit stage]

(The characters come out again, the narrator saying first, the characters following soon after)
Narrator: The end.
Everyone : T-H-E-E-N-D.
(All take their bows at the same time)

The End.

Tell me, okay, what you all think about it. Now.. I know the names are supposedly capitalized; my mistake, I admit it. I am the script writer. Who cares! As long as I finished it successfully -- My English teacher loved it, and I can't wait for the act out.