Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eka Jonas

Blogspot says the last time I posted anything was in September, 2nd, 2013. Wow. Like a year ago.

So this morning, like at 4 in the morning (yeah so I have random sleeping times), I couldn't fall back to sleep. Probably because I was worrying about not waking up later (it's now 5:36am), so I start my 'ritual' of listening to something that'll hopefully lullaby me back to sleep.

Guess what? What I listened to inspired me to write this post, because I had like, memories raining over me of my certain best friend; Eka Jonas. :)

First and foremost, I know it might sound cliche, but I am not really the type to wish on birthdays. Now that I think about it, I'm not really the type to do anything in that matter. But I just want you to know, Eka, that I know it was your birthday on the 10th of June, and I should've wished, but I think that, wishing is not the most important thing. I used to think that it is, but it's not. Because someone may wish you on your birthday but they'd be, "HB" and that doesn't really have much of a meaning. For me, what's important is that, for someone's birthday, especially someone close to you, you may not wish them in black and write format, call or anything, but you keep them in your dua's. Regardless, wish you the best 21 years and 21 years ahead in the future.

Secondly, I miss you. I miss you a lot. Can you believe it's been 5 years since we first met? Yeah. And I still remember clearly how bummed I was to learn that you moved away for the last year of senior high, because you were actually my only hope back then, to go through the final year of high school. But I'm glad we stayed in contact, I'm glad you were nice to let me keep in contact with you. :) I remember you telling me about you didn't like your phone anymore, and sometime soon, your phone decided to break suddenly. I remember ranting to you about the light in my room, because even when I closed the lights, there was a light from the house behind and it bugged me a lot. I'm glad the first time I went to Pavilion was with you, and I'm happy I found the book I searched for, with you. I remember texting you when my younger brother first went to MRSM, Pekan and now he's 16!

And the one thing that'll always remind me of you is your obsession of the Jonas Brothers (to me, the only and first JB). I always thought that was cool, even though guys in the class picked on you because of that. But I think, over the years, what really etches you in my memories is that you are a nice, sweet person. And I'm not even saying that because you are a close friend of mine. Sure. But the first things I thought of you was, "She's so nice" and "I think I'm gonna be close to this girl" And we did for the long run. You are one of 3 friends I kept in contact with after high school; you, Fatin and Sharina (yes, when she reads this, I hope she messages me or something lol)

And I know that it may not seem like it for the past 5 years, but you're always gonna be that close friend that I never forget. Sure, I may have temporary amnesia sometimes, due to my constant insomnia, but you get what I mean. Hey, that rhymes. Lol. Otherwise, I believe it's just we have a lot of things in common; you are probably the only person I can shop with and not yawn every 3 minutes (or every passing minute) and we share more interests than you think. That being said, I am also proud of you; proud of all you've achieved, and hey, you're already a bachelor student. I also hope you have the opportunity to do umra again. :)

Lastly, it's almost Ramadhan! Do you remember the last time (maybe?) we went out was during Ramadhan? Because I remember telling you how my baby brother, Daniel, was fasting only through midday. Funny thing is, you also have a younger brother named Daniel. And everytime I get on the KTM, I am reminded of you, because the last time we went, it was before the new KTM was released. You are also kinda one of my few friends that I can speak English with, in spoken and in text.

I hope you read this very long post, haha. I'm sorry it's too long. I do hope you have a nice day. Oh!
Before I forget, this was what I was listening to....

Jonas Brothers - When you look me in the eyes

Good morning and have a nice day! Hope you enjoy this post specially dedicated to you, our friendship and Jonas Brothers.