Friday, October 2, 2009


Okay... so today, as I have slept through almost the whole of my Friday, 2nd October's evening, I decided to give a peek to my favourite channel;

The History Channel.

I don't give a damn what people think or don't think -- Because it doesn't affect the opinion I have.

Now.. back to the topic.

The show is thus; Battleplan.
They were talking about the Germans -- II World War; Nazi's.
A plan namely called Blitzkrieg.

And yeah, one thing, I write based on what I've collected. I didn't exactly see the whole thing -- Beginning or until the end. Because.. well, my mother wanted to see the news; And I could always catch it later on in the early morning. (2 - 3 am)

Of which.. I'm too anxious to wait for the whole thing over again.

Okay.. so Blitzkrieg; a plan of storming the enemy in quick but intense attacks.
Such as the Nazi's were in the border of.. France, I recalled.

Here's a .. a little of the plan.

1) Deceive the enemy

2) Control the air

3) Breakthrough

4) Strike deep

5) Follow up

-- Counterattack

-- Logistics

Oh, and before I forget; it's 39' - 40' -- If you get what I mean.
(1939 - 1940) Hitler's Invasion

Hm.. I don't understand it much, so I rather not push my luck.

The first, I suppose, is rather obvious.
Deceive the enemy.

The battleplanner sent different troops to different places around Germany and nearing the French borders. As in, to confuse the British and the French.
The offending, apparently, doesn't notice this -- The Nazi's sending three other.. um, let's just call it a troop, cornering them around.
Smart. And rather neat.
I'm not quite sure where this came in; it was somewhere after or before Control the air.

One of my favs; Control the air.
Of course -- By using air troops.. uh, the Air Force.

By this, they are to target to controlling the skies, dropping off bombs.. or whatever it is they do, to weaken the enemy.

... I keep spelling enemy like 'enermy'. xD

Hm, I think I rather not go into Iraq; it's rather a sensitive topic.
They mentioned something about the US.. um, using the battleplan against Iraq.

And again, I rather not go into it.
I know it's just a historical.. um, .. er, historical event.. But still.

Last; History's awesome once you understand it.
I can't wait to take the History World Affair (1917[??] - 1991)after my National's..

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