Wednesday, July 15, 2009


What does it take.. for a person to love another?

What will one give, for that person? Would he stay for her, give her all he can? Would he confess undying love, make promises of which; never proven to stay, and never-changing? What.. How does one know, one is in love?

Is it a sin, then, to love someone one can't have?

Is it, a sin, to love someone, when one knows he is never going to stay? It's not the same, when, she cannot stay also?

What does Love bring?

Extreme joyfulness and happiness of being together, when one knows, being apart and nothing changes, is what true Love is about?

Sin, to love someone...?


It's not stated on any Bible, on any Holy Testament, on any Holy Quran, on any Holy and of religious statement, that it is.

Then why..?

Because I am human. And my intuition and alter ego is hard-headed and much egoistic.
It's not enough I confessed Love, they have to drag me all around the corner, to answer helpless questions they know I can't answer.


Only because I am unable to.

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