Friday, September 11, 2009

2 AM.

And yes, to those who know me for a second, a year, 4 years, their whole lives (.. Funny), it is 2 AM over here as I am typing this very second.

It is.. 12th, I suppose.
A while since I last posted something that is worth peering by, no?

Well, terribly sorry to disappoint you, 'cause I've got nothing. ... For this very second that is. Coughcough.

I open my eyes
I try to see but I'm blinded
By the white light.
I can't remember how,
I can't remember why.
I'm laying here tonight.

Untitled - Simple Plan.

It is a very nostalgic song to me; the FIRST (if I'm not mistaken) song I've heard of them. That is, if I didn't peeked my head by and discovered Welcome to my life, then HURRAH.

Hmmm, OMG, I still have a lot of books to mark-.. They can be done later, I guess.


This name haunted my sister in her dreams, literally!
I used to listen to her night-talking (SHH) and she frequently mentioned this .. LAD. coughsbastardcoughs.

It lasted for four years; and whatever happened, I honestly think it was both their faults. .. Mainly his, but I can't take sides, can I?
Of course, being new in Love, I'm SURE they went through hell. Like normal people do.
Now don't get me wrong, I mean, some -- A few does survive young and long-relationships finely; but who cares about the o.o1%? .. No one. Not me, not you.



I did somehow get myself involved in this.. er, whatever. When we first talked, it seemed that we could get along. I mean, I had nothing against him whatsoever. We got along finely; it just so easy! Even talking about useless crap.... er, let's not go there.

Not sure how they met, but it was from.. this wondrous and magical world of the wide web.
Wow, that was certainly a mouthfull, eh?

I don't know how it started.. or how it ended, but it definitely was something.
A something; with tears, effort, and a hell lot of arguements.
You see, I'm not exactly like my sister. Well, I said NOT exactly.
We do have some similarities, but, eh, she has been always the more feminine and more attractive to the .. um, surrounding people.

Her means of loyalty, is one of the things, as it is different from mine.
No, I'm not saying she's a flirt, no. She can be, but oh well.

Oh god.. my brain's failing.
Which means I've got nothing more to say.
I may continue this another, but until day, nice day.

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