Monday, April 12, 2010

Kitty-Kat (l)

Oh yes, Kat Kat.

HI! I'm drinking tea and enjoying Life as it lasts, for the moment.
I just came back, actually, from cycling to the shop next to Smiles, and I was like.. almost crashing past this guy. 'Cause we both stepped on the same side. -__-;


Is it Spring already? I wouldn't know... since it's summer all year long in Malaysia. =P Apart from monsoon, that is. (But I don't think that's a season..~)

I'm doing.. Integration. Boo.
I can't even do a simple X squared times 1/X to the power of 4. I'm thinking.. it's X squared.
But I could be wrong, I don't know.

I spent the whole day.. like a zombie. Haha, yes, a zombie. I had to wake up early, even when I had no school today (on a Monday) and now it just feels weird starting the week off on Tuesday, but oh well! Spizzle spazzle. (New random word? Yesssss.)

I wonder what to do now. I'm stuck between.. not doing anything at all, and doing more notes. I originally planned SPM Additional Mathematics LAST NIGHT, but my friend/lover/girlfriend/bestfriendinthewholewideworld/mother(l)/counselor/, Mine/LOVER -- Summaya forced me to go to bed. In which I did.. 3 hours later. I slept at around.. 3:30? in the morning.

Maybe I should do that? Mayyybbeee.

I LOVE my cousins' Maths (plural now, since both Math and Add. Math) books! It's so awesome and detailed, if I fail Math, I would go run into the middle of the road and scream in vain. (Joking... well, for the most part. Hehe.)

But now I'm tired!
Do you know, that gastric pain, is one of the worst pain, ever?
It's.. awful, trust me. Don't be like me. Always eat on time!
Last week, I had one, and it was... terrifying, for the most part.
I was sprawling on the floor, trying to put aside the pain.
And since I ate, just before it happened. I puked OUT the food that I ate, including my third? last painkiller. It was.. a horrible sight.
I'm NOT going there again.

Putting that aside.. my chest pains are getting better. I mean, in a good sense, of course. I no longer have to cry to forget to pain. (I don't actually cry, I'm just exaggerating the pain here.) It's bearable, for the most part, unbearable, closing to impossibility of ever feeling bearable (I don't know what I'm saying here myself O_o) for the others.
You get the drill.

And the title is Kitty-Kat. But really, not to do with cats, here, unfortunately.
And my younger bruther, is off! I'm free off him for 4 days, ftw. (l)
He's one of the representative for SK's Selangor for Chess MSSD.
That reminds me when I had Road running..~ I got like.. what, 17th place?
Something like that.
But I still have a medal! Bronze, (l), for the school's Road running. And I had no chest pains at the time, so it's okay. Just during the darned MSSD.. Sniffle sniffle.

And I don't like Chess. =/ Reminds me of Mr. Hughes. I could never win against him.
And now I miss his History classes..~ Meh, what do you guys want to be when you grow up?
I don't know yet.
I'm probably taking English/Maths (if I miss calculating that much...which is ridiculous) or.. I'unno. Just English. Become a translator or anything relevant and worth taking and being.

Everyone knows this.
I put it on my door of my bedroom. And I told my parents about it.
9A+'s. Seems easy enough. (Kidding.)

I better get to my notes! Probably Islamic studies or something. Or History, ftw.


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amiza_yul said...

Comel penulisan kau. :D

eh,zombie pun hotstuff what.

CANADA? apakah kekasihmu menunggu di sana? haha.harap2 tercapai oi.