Tuesday, May 4, 2010


What is happiness?

I'm sure a lot of you will say, "Duh, happiness is feeling happy."

But what makes one happy? How do you explain that 'happy' feeling? 

Joy? Feeling like the world has your back? Whatever it is that makes you happy, we all should chase happiness, right?


And yes, yes, I can't lie, I'm happy right now.

I'm not sure when was the last time I felt this happy, but I can't explain the feeling myself.

All I could think of is the consequent event that makes me 'happy'.

First... seeing this person from afar and seeing that person smile.

It really made me happy, (apart from drinking blackcurrant water at the time.) [Oho, yes.] and that 'happy picture' is still in my head.

Though when that person looked at my direction, I had to look another way. Because, well, er, this is a bit complicated to explain why.

Actually, to be honest, I've been feeling this way since Monday morning. Of which, mine, was spent with one of the brightest, funniest, crazy friend of mine [from another class].

We were all gigglish during assembly. At first she, as always, was talking about her past experience with guys (who she explained as being perfect; tall, handsome, smart [picky girl? Maybe, but she probably deserves much more than that, her being the same. Not the handsome part, of course. x3])

Anyway, yeah, she was talking to me, as always. I, was just the listener, playing my part as to smile and nod every few moments just so she doesn't think that I don't listen. Because I do, but I'm not really comfortable with looking straight at her. I was nodding every once in a while, haha, and then assembly started and she sat right next to me. As usual. Nothing new, yet.

I'm not sure why, but some people have this... 'need', if I can say, to hold my hand. As she did. But she says it's because she likes talking to me, and I was all O_o *touched* and that she likes being with me (of which I took as a compliment. Is it not?).

Then she said.. "It feels like we're a guy and girl."

I bursted out laughing but had to hold back because the teacher was talking in the front.

I said, "Yeah...?"

Her, "You're the guy and I'm the girl."

...I started laughing again. xDDDD We continued laughing for a while but still somehow, somewhat, listened to the principal talking. (Who, according to her, looked like.. someone of the royal family. Tunku Mizan? Whoever he is. I shall ask her the next time [which would be Friday, where we'll sit together again.] Or maybe not.)

Now... to the most important source of my happiness... my friend, Eka!

Yes, I finally saw her after like what, 7 months? She called me (and I was sleeping in the evening; couldn't keep myself awake long enough) and I was all awake. I panicked slightly about what to wear then decided I was silly enough to care for such. She came by to get what she wanted to borrow and gave me a smile. (I was glad it didn't rain, or that'd ruin it all, somehow.)

Is it me? No, can't be. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Perhaps that's true; let's say it is.

I can't really explain the joy I felt, and I'm so happy. For once, I was content enough to admit I am happy and am now spending time blogging about it, haha. 

To add to it all, I'm wearing my favourite orange shirt and listening to a sweet song by Yuna.


Subsequent.. no, what's the word? Series of happy events, ah. [Yes, I took from 'Series of Misunfortunate events'. Kudos to my ex classmate, Thomas Welsh, who mentioned it quite a few times, and I happened to hear all of those 'few times'. I believe he read it or something. Can't quite remember why it reminds me of him. But oh well.]


I think that's all?

Oh yeah, have to continue my story about this 'fire hobby' thing where in the end, the main character, Adam, felt regret. I'm still not sure on the situation of the short story and how it's going to happen, but it will, trust me. [Must, anyway.]

Yeah.. so, Tuesday and I'm feeling like a zombie already.

Hopefully tomorrow happiness awaits for me (I'm sure it had been for a while; since sadness leads to happiness and likewise. What goes around will come back around, right? Like.. a circle. Unless that circle has holes or the track/road/thing-whatever-you-want-it-to-be-called/chain is broken by some sort of force) and the day will smile, for me, once more.

The unexpected is at every corner.

Unpredictable events are a normality.

Au revoir, moi cheri.

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