Sunday, September 14, 2008


Woot! Amira, Amira~ I'm out of that hell!
*huggles a thousand times* x3 I miss you so much Am, when are you visiting me..?
I heard about your Saturday. *claps* Congrats, you've find peace. Even if for a while, I'm proud of you. You're like the insane, emo-wannabe sister I never had. No offense. ^-^;;;;;;

I hope you've been fine, and no one has been hurting your feelings. If they have, they shall suffer forever. =0 ..I'm so glad you've put my name in this wicked thing.
...Dont worry about her, I know she still trusts you. You've gone through a lot, with shuk and all..
I wish I could push it all away for ya, but like they always say, You gotta put up with the rain if you want to see the rainbow. The rainbow is there, look up ahead.

Someday.. all your sufferings would end.. I'll pray for you.

Oh yeah, you said you want to apply for boarding school. That's.. lovely, but.. will you be able to take care of yourself?.. I'm worried you know. Dont even ask what I've been through in my coma.

Well until then, farewell Amira. Have lotsa fun this Eid, I really hope you do.
Bye! Au Revoir!

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