Friday, September 5, 2008

Facts and Trivia, this is awesome I tell ya

Upon the request of my ..beloved cousin, I will report all my doings for today, 3rd September/ Ramadhan. ^-^v

Well first off, morning started off.. just okay. No wait.. heh, just leave it there. .-.;
I onl got 50 bucks, not even enough to pay for my tuition fees =0 but what the heck, I'll get some more tomorrow morn. Hopefully. ~__~ Hmm.. and yeah, Akmar will pay back the 40 buck she took from me. ._____.; THAT also, in hope.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. On Thursday, Mrs (? xD) Sharifah (or Syarifah or watever .-.;) wanted to see me. She, respectively, the teacher on duty and the editor of the school's upcoming 'Mercu', what I call the school magazine.. It was about my essay. Which one? Well, for some odd reason, for our holiday essay, I wrote about Paris. And you also know Doll-chan, Ira, that I only spent like a day there and of course, absent-minded as I am, I couldnt remember a thing. (With an exception of the fact that the queue was long and I was at a high altitude; do the math.) And guess what? I forgot that I once wanted to study there; Paris that is. .__.; Stupid yes, I do, infact dream big. But heck, I wanted to study arts. But now, my ..destination-to-be is to reach Canada.
It's even in my wallet; dont ask. xD
Anyways, yeah, she edited my essay. Effectively enough, I'm satistfied with it. The change that is.

.. long silence.
I just continued walking.
I thought I heard something.
I blinked.
"Nur Amirah binti Abdul Razak!"
I turned around and faced him.
"WHAT?!" I said coldly.
"You didnt answer me.." he shrugged.
"I thought I was hearing things, honest." .-.;
"Yeah well, just wanted to say, the library opens till 5 today." He winked.
I blushed slightly and turned around to go to the assembly hall. I waved and he nodded.

..See how names have an inpact on how I respond to people?? .-.;;;
I didnt hear him until he said Amira. My brain totally ignored 'Mira', upon my 'own' request. This happened on Thursday morning, and his nick is Kev. xP Aka, the famous school librarian who guarded my fav book for a whole week! How nice is that! o-o

Hmm, oh yeah, I tripped on a rock, stared in disbelief. The motor cyclist almost crashed into me; the car behind too. xD What a day Friday was!

Well, I'm like super tired and exhausted now, gotta go in a few anyways.

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