Friday, August 22, 2008


Third song in my mp3 .-.

Helena - Mcr
One of the many songs I can actually listen to without my mom saying, "Amira, you shouldnt listen to songs like these, they're bad." Bla bla bla..

Fourth- I dont love you - Mcr
I think this song just never dies. =D

Fifth- What's left of me- Nick Lachey
My cousin, Ira, has been telling me to delete this song, but no... never Ira. .__. I'm keeping this till the end, maybe till you're gone..

Sixth- Only one - Yellowcard.
Like gosh.. how long has it been? This song helped me in SO many ways, I dont even know where to start.

7- I'm off with all those shites..
Time is running out - Muse
^-^ I like this song, more than I like you at least. .___.

8-Because of you - Kelly Clarkson
Okay.. so Miss Winner of American Idol 3 caught MY attention too .-.;
My parents may not be happy with being together but at least they aint divorced ^-^v

9-Flavour of the week - Bowling for soup
This song literally rocks, some people even told me so.

10- When we die - Bowling for Soup
Hmmm... this was my profile song for a while, Myspace that is.

11- If you're not the one - Daniel Bedingfield
No comment, dont ask or you die. ~________~

12- Behind these hazel eyes- Kelly
Err.. I dont know what to say. .-.;

That's all, I've got like 71 minus 12 songs more to go but I'm.. currently on a headache, so later. -_-;

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