Saturday, August 9, 2008

For all the while..

I dont know, I blog when I'll.. when I feel something.

On Friday, a bunch of guys tried to threaten me -_- they stole my phone, but in the end they apologized and gave it back, shukran. I told them this, "Next time, why dont you just break it into a million pieces and I would have never cared!" ~.~

Of course, I was mad. But I just said, "Well, it's hard not to. Just.. dont do it again please, this is something important and I cant afford to lose it."

Oh well, things happen. And.. we got our Maths back. I.. failed, total failure. I'm so stupid, I tried so hard but nothing seems to go my way. Why, why?! Amira, calm down.
Yeah, I probably should. It's not like me to get all fed-up by something so stupid and out of world, it's just that.. well, everything seems wrong now and I dont know how to fix them.
Dont know what to do, where to begin, who to turn to and why..

You had a bad day, that's all.

Hey, you came back.

I was always here Amira, you just dont notice me.

I put the blame on the day, it just keeps getting worse.

Dont, look straight ahead, Dont look back.


Trust me, just dont regret, it's a sin remember?

Hmm, guess you're right. Everything will be back..

To normal and you will too Muffin. Just look straight ahead and turn to those whom you trust.

But who..?

A lot of people is out there for you Darling.

Promise me you'll come back Ira..

I will, soon I hope. I cant wait to come back, I miss you so much Cousin!

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