Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rebellious.. and I have found love!

Yup, just like the title said, rebellious. I have been quite rebellious.. as in.. I dont wanna do this, I dont wanna do that because people keep telling me to do this, do that. Avoid this, avoid that. Mah, what am I? A robot to obey? ~_~

Enough ranting, I'm tired. Yup, I've been tired and dont be surprised if I dont get on after this. Not like I have a choice, my step sister's keeping me away from the internet. My excuse is the trials and tomorrow's the last paper, shukran. -__-

Hmmm, thank god Fara's finally coming back here in October, I feel happy for her. ^___^
So now, before I go, I wanna say that... uh.. I found love again!!!!! =D

No comment on that, you'll know when I come back. Hopefully when I do.. if I have time..or if I find the need to... Bye, gotta go to tuition! :3

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