Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm mad and confused

I'm confused, what should I do?
First of all, Hey! =] Just came back from grandma's, I'm sleeping there tonight too.
You know what?
On Tuesday morning, this friend of mine said to me : "You and him already clash?"
I'm like all blank "Who? Wha..?"
Then she said "Oh, you know, Josh."
And with a nod I said, "Oh, oooohhhh."._____.;

But then I'm like.. "When did I ever say I was with him though?" o-o
THAT was so sudden, I just got to school and was very sleepy. (Good thing I crossed the road safely, since I didnt even watch out.)
..Hmm, what else..?

Oh yeah! Today we didnt have any class. =0 We stayed in the.. whatever it's called in English, cant remember. xD
We had some diagnostic tests in Mathematics. One of the modules was SOO easy, I laughed non-stop. xP

And for some reason, I've been avoiding this guy. .-.; Just that everytime I see him, I have to turn back or whatever I do. .__.
My friend said he likes me and I'm like "..Gawd."
Dying sounds good by now. ^___^;

Oh no no. I've promised and I plan to keep it unfortunately. -___-
And, I'm listening to some Fall out Boy; Infinity on high. That album rocks but it aint like I have it or anything, I just have them songs.
For some reason, I'm really mad when I see this drama series 'Ezora.'
The girl looks like.. someone..
Ira just said that I miss her, I mean it's normal. How could you not miss someone you've cared for real, but she left. Oh well..

Er.. I dont think I'm missing anything, am I?
Gawd, I'm like so sleepy right now, even though I've slept the evening. And I'm going to have issues falling asleep tonight, I can feel the temptation within me to sit in a corner and just cry.
Sometimes, I think I'm so stupid. xD
I mean, I always think that I am.

Hmm, I think I'll stop for now. Gotta go pack and whatnot, and maybe, I'll try calling Maya so I can sleep better tonight.
Last night, I called Ame. =] And this guy wanted to walk with me. xD But I just told him to leave me and walk alone. =P
What a fun night that was..

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