Tuesday, August 5, 2008

As I have time..

It's been ages, Doll-chan! I miss you all, so, so much! I've been busy lately, as you may know, exams. Urgh..

I've stopped feeling.. suicidal I guess. But I dont know, it'd come back soon. xDD Bleh, you seen Ira? She's been avoiding us, I just hope she isnt.. leaving soon.. I need her to get through the trials.. Goddamnit! Shush Amy, watch your mouth. x_X

Hmm... darn, tomorrow's history and Maths.. I dont wanna go ~_~;

Yup, so before I ran off, I wanna say my gratitudes to some.. friend shall I say.

Not much is remembered of her, just that she made me what I am now. A good friend, abandoned me so I could be free? I dont know, cant give a damn to what she said to me that day but she changed me for live and I'm glad.
So.. I wanna thank her, wherever she is right now. ^_^;

As for you, Amy, wash your mouth in soap, which means my mouth.. then no!!

Au revoir me amours!

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