Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not afraid.

Yup, I'm not.

Yesterday I was at Mid Valley Megamall. My family and I walked for like 5 hours.. when I finally got back home, I could barely feel my legs. Though I still couldn't sleep after all that. Grr!!

Anyway, yes, to the title.

My mother and sister were looking at handbags. I'm not the type to look at all these stuff and things. I'm just not interested, sorry. :] I can walk with you, but if you're asking me to look at clothes, shoes, and all that; you're really asking for too much. Lol.

Anndddd... this song was playing.

I found myself mumbling to it... and this guy across me was rapping along to it. When I noticed it, I was like, smiling to myself. We were like singing along to the song. PS: The song is great! I love Eminem's recent songs. His rapping has really gone from great to epicness.

Oh, and to all my friends and to all the people leaving for matriculation today... Good luck! I'm still not sure where I'll be going. Still waiting. Haha, have been waiting for like 6 months now. It's okay though.

I seem to blog more; I don't know, maybe I just have more things to say, or I'm remembering my blog more and more since I'm gonna be gone next month. :(

I'm gonna miss my blog and my friends.

But I still have time left. Lotsa time.


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