Sunday, April 1, 2012


I find it funny that I forget my password EVERYTIME I want to get on my blog. And I mean everytime. Like I have to reset my password. I have done that for like, I don't know, more than my fingers can count and my brain can remember.

Okay. I'm going to remember this password.

Anyway, hello people. I read my last post (as always) and I was talking about my Grammar test. As of now, I am officially done with my finals since 28th of March and yesterday was my first day on my two months semester break. So I may or may not be posting frequently.

I'm trying to figure where I should start with my post. Yes, I haven't started yet. I think.

Ketegasan insan bergelar puteri @ wanita

"Wahai puteriku, demi Allah
Jangan engkau percaya terhadap kata-kata
Bahawa mereka memandangmu kerana
Bicara denganmu seperti SAHABAT
Dan apabila bercinta denganmu seperti teman akrab
Sebenarnya mereka BOHONG!!
Jika engkau mendengar sendiri bualan mereka
Pasti engkau takut & ngeri
Hanya ditanganmu pintu segala kebaikan
Bukan di tangan kaum lelaki"

~Ali Thantawi~

First thing's first, I've decided to be on hijrah to be a better me. Above's a song that's getting very addictive to me. Kudos to my room mate that gave me it. My hijrah is not going to be easy, I know; but it's never easy to do good, never hard to do bad.

I just want to say this right here, but my life in UiTM has changed the way I perceive the way I see and think about a lot of things. There are a lot of things that I actually don't that I want to know about. There are a lot of things that I would like to do a research on.

My story;

Yesterday I went out with my family to the Giaint Supermarket to buy some necessary things for the household and for us (my older brother, my sister and myself) to eat. And as I have been telling myself, I'm going to try to wear long hijab starting from home, from me going to markets and stuff, because I made up my mind about wanting to wear it for the next semester. It was nerve-wrecking at first trying to wear it but I went through it with the help of Allah. My sister said it suited me. My mother raised her eyebrow and my father didn't say anything at all about it. Which I had thought was weird, since he always have something to say. I took that from him. Sometimes that's bad. But as I have taken the first step, now it's just time for the rests of my steps to Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala.

Just hope that I keep istiqamah until..... Until, well, until forever. Keep me in your prayers please.

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