Tuesday, November 8, 2011


For these past few months, I have been diligently (mhm) checking my statistics for posts and my audience. I think it's safe to say that I'm quite surprised that my audience is of a wide range. Why thank you.

I felt suffocation yesterday.
Between deciding whether or not I should succumb to it, I found myself lost deep in thought.

Anyway, to start off, good day to you.
I learned as of lately that patience is not just a virtue, and you can't particularly achieve it through practice. It's through hard work and tolerance of the waiting part. And waiting for people is of a different thing, because you can, or not, get mad at them. But when you wait for some thing to happen, who are you supposed to get mad at? You're not supposed to. You're the one waiting. So why get angry at anything? It's serene waiting for something to happen. I have been waiting for what I have believed all these years to happen in front of my eyes, but maybe it'll happen to me instead, a bonus. Maybe I'll go to finding it within myself. Maybe it's near me and I have to decode it. God knows.

And of my consistently similar dreams of death, zombies and dying in particular, I seriously don't know what to make of it. It's gone for now, but I reckon if it comes back, I'll be able to face it full with my heart. The only decent dream that I remember lately was of my being in a forest of some sort and got turned into my younger self. I've been too tired lately to have a dream that I'd remember. Usually it's the passing out and being too tired to fall asleep that occupies my mind. Right before I fall asleep, that is.

A foreigner asked me and my sister. Something about 'bintang', I guess he was trying to say that. All I heard was 'the time' and I worked my brain and it processed as 'bintang'. He wanted to know which platform to Bukit Bintang. Hahaha. So hilarious. We showed him the way. It was on the monorail, by the way, in the city centre. I was out to watch a movie and just to get some air. My sister pointed out the fact that he looked familiar. I thought it was because he had a familiar face and he was probably German. Australian accent would be more confusing -- accents have never been my forte. I was brought up with no particular accent in my country so even if someone else, on my race, says something in slang/accent, I'd be very confused. Of course to people outside, I'd have one. Within? Not so much.

Oh, and my lack of Asda roleplaying, I am slowly getting over it. I do miss slaughtering monsters, wolves especially, and beating up other people. *deepsigh. Oh well. I'm about to go back to my studies anyway, soon, which means no games, no internet, no socializing in the online world so much, it doesn't really bother me. Not the leaving my friends, that is. And... no posting in my blog for the long run. As soon as I figure out where I'm going, though. I only have a week left at home and I still am not sure where I'll be.

After I've figured all that out, it'd be time for another post. I thank you for reading.
Till next post.

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