Monday, November 24, 2008


Today is what.. the 24th? OH yes, the 24th.
A Monday.
So here's the story..

Well, I woke up earlier than usual (around Subuh/Sunrise I suppose).
Shower, breakfast, blablabla.. the usual daily stuff. Boring.

AND.. I went to buy Credit. Then went back home and went outside AGAIN. I went back and forth to this house until I came across something.

A LITTLE SOMETHING. Which turned out to be a kitten. But.. DEAD. So you could supposedly imagine my shocked/dontknowwhattodo expression. .-.

At first I had wanted to take it (hence bury it) but it stinks. Not to comment or anything but I was scared. Trauma. So I went back home and talked to Rival (Krisse/Sandra/annoyinggirl). She told me to get it and bury it. And so I did. Took my Naruto-like glove and ran to the kitten.

As I was walking, I noticed that this 'guy' had been watching me. ._. Plus I had been in his sight for a while but I TRIED to ignore that fact.

But the hardest part is yet to come: Digging. I found no shovel I could've interpreted as a shovel so I just took this kinda thing i came across after tripping over a cat. (I took the kitten to a safe place before this happened so no worries. ^^)

I digged and digged..

And digged...

Until I came to the knowledge that it was big enough for the kitten. I carried it carefully (its body was weak and I think its 'arm' was broken. ;~;)

Then the deeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp trauma came along so I went for a 2 hour run. IT was.. exhausting and silly because I keep gettting mixed up and lost in the damned neighbourhood. x__x Shows that I dont go around the neighbourhood much, huh?

And just when..- Heh.
I'm sleepy.
Tell me that it's not 10 yet..

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