Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just want to say.. I AM really upset about having to leave next year. Not happy with the upcoming holidays either.. Staying home.. And Dad's visiting Alya on 5th December, or so he told me.
I wonder if he knows..-

And for all unknown reasons, I get upset a lot lately. Maybe the stress.. what, though? Depression.. is a funny word. Irony.. lurks around a lot, doesnt it?

And... my chest hurts. Preferably a lot, often, too. Dont know what should.. MAY trigger it.
I still need to decide.. Keep or not? Airi-san had told me to decide what seemed more rational to me. After ALL, he didnt HURT me. Well, she's right. HE didnt. Not even once.

Perhaps.. I should just stop thinking. For a moment and relax.. Easier said than done. Shiteness.

Hmmm, I suddenly am in need of a HUMAN company.. Tough.

Well, I need to..-

Hold on, I have finished New Moon faster than you had expected. Bella.. Or shall I say Isabella Marie Swan... is a lot like the old me. Only FAR more extreme. And I DO NOT go trying to kill myself.. well, technically. I DID have thoughts, I admit it. You win, Ira.

And... GUESS WHAT. I have a bag full of goodies from today's presents. YAY.

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