Monday, November 3, 2008

RE: Hey...

YAY. Finally, I am able to get on. ._. I missed CHUUU! Even Sunshine sometimes, we hugged all night long. Or at least I tried to. T-T He's like no more than my palm, so small for a Teddy. .-.;

Yup, hah. How ironic, aint it? You come and go.. too much. Why cant you ever STAY for a change.. I HATE IT!! T__T

But Whatever. .___. So tired of hating and arguing.. Just live life like a rolling pin. ^_^;
Though.. I wonder how. o-O; xD I miss Mr. Hughes. BADLY. -_- I need someone to pick on me... Oh yeah, it reminds me of what happened yesterday.

This girl whom I met.. like only several time asked me if I was with Faizzudin. o-o YESH, the guy who has that kawaii smile. o//o

xD Yeah I know, that was severally odd.

Well, me have to go. ._. I'll be sure to keep my phone charged so.. call! .-. But you should know that I just might not pick if my mood is bad. Like right NOW. Buh-byes~

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