Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another day, another lifeless piece of soul left behind

Okay, so lets start with Monday, 7th July.

Hmm.. so yeah, woke up at 5:58 am exactly (I checked the second also o_O). Well, nevermind that. First period, History. :0 Oh my god.. my history essay is gone. x_X Thanks to that, I'm going to have to do it.. again! Urgh. Following with boring Science lesson.. and I cant BELIEVE that bitch! She cuts..?! T_T Without my notice and permission. >:\ Imma kill her.. xP Oh well, resisting it is hard enough, had to resort to the guy that was sitting next to me to distract me. He failed horribly. Hmph! So much for that. xD lolz~ Sorreh Ali!

Recess had gone so quick, my counseling went by. I kind of feel relieved of that (also maybe cause I missed double periods of Malay! :p) Religion on the other hand was.. I dont know. Probably quite good (despite the thing we're learning about.)

Tuesday 8th July~

xD First off, I still cant get over that kawaii kid (a prefect-in-training) that recited the morning's prayer! Soo cute~ xP Just when the assembly's almost finished, the teacher gathered a few.. model shall we say :p Spiky hair style, rail tail (? o.o) and so on. Dude, the teacher had asked the whole school (that was present, not counting the evening school, duh!) what was wrong and some boys (sitting just a few metres away from me) answered it differently.
See, the teacher had asked about the hair and they had answered that the boy (poor victim~) hadnt got any tie! xD Out of question and world man~ (Well, he DID didnt wear the school tie, which in my opinion, kinda smart).

And.. that day, I almost lost my voice. I was.. screaming for no reason whatsoever. Just felt like losing all that stress away xD We got some time to work on our Geography work (thanks to the Arts teacher ^_^) and well, guys like to sit next to me. Not that I dont mind, but I aint bothered with it. It's kinda cool that they at least cheer me up (especially Herman, he's practically my punchbag xD)

You know what? It's kinda funny how my best friend says that I'm like her younger sister (when I'm the one acting like the older. A week doesnt count! ;__;) She did.. or rather.. had asked me.
A broken hearted is not what I'd describe myself though I'm struggling just to keep moving on. Bladeblabla~ Why should I bother... .-.

In tuition, this freaking tomboy girl just wont stop irritating me. ~_~ It's hard enough I HAD to sit behind her, she even hits me. >:0 Not hard maybe just playfully? xD Still, it hurt like hell.
T_T and dude, I just cant believe we're close with each other.

Dont think I am getting more time on the laptop since exams are just around the corner, so give me a break if I dont attend to you.

Oh yeah, I'm currently waiting for my beloved father to call. Might take a while but I'm just dying to hear my father's voice. ;_____; Urgh, apparently I'm too tired to do anything right now but the thought of my homework drives me on. .__. Later y'all~

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