Sunday, July 6, 2008

What shall be the title? ._.

Yeah well, it's Sunday again. Oh great.. Today ought to be a lovely day; you know, go out and stuff. But no... it had to start with something else ~_~
When I turned on my mp3, the song Over you (in full blast! x_x)suddenly gave me a heart attack. .-.;

Every now and again, Imma murder that song! But.. not now.. or ever. ._> But yeah, now that I've finished my English work.. (wait, did I? o_O) least I've finished my notes on the dead. o_o

In religion, we're learning about how to face death.. hold on, not how to face it O_O but.. what to do when you see a person dying. Firstly, you ARE FORBIDDEN to.. how do you say that again... hmm... to cry..? .__.; I dont remember.. something to do with facing the situation calmly. About having to let GO of that person and hope for it's peace as their spirit leaves their body.. OH great. .-.

Well enough of that! ^^
Note to self : Check homework and friend's homework before it's too late, sew nametag, get something to drink (aka DRINK MORE ._.)

Now, time for reminiscing. I finally found Daniel's (my cute and adorable baby brother. He shall be 3 years old ^o^) pics.. but because of that, I also found pictures of my parents on last Eid. .-.; I just realized how handsome my father is.x3
And how my sister and I resemble my mother's appearance in many ways. xD Except for the fact that I got myself glasses o_o and that's just the best part! Cause .,,,,.;; NO ONE shall confuse me and my sister.. that's my hope and I shall bite anyone who says I'm the older sister! >:0 I mean come one, I'm barely 15 (but is almost as tall as my adoring sister :p) xD Lolz!

You know.. I was just running on three hours of sleep this morning and had to take some coffee to stay up and do my notes. x_X I feel sorry for myself.. literally. o.o
Speaking of which, my Dad hasnt been calling me up, I wonder if he's busy..? Well of course, he's always in Paris or Warsaw. .-.; I want him back in Malaysia >,,,>;
But it's kinda good, cause my phone's being rebellious these days. Once it landed on the floor from my bed.. (good thing I didnt break it Q_Q)x3

Aya, I still have school. It's kinda unfair.. all my friends in Poland are on break ~_~ and I'm struggling with my studies.. but I know I have a lot of people praying for my success, thanks to that! ^O^ Gosh, I still cant get over the fact that THAT face is sooo kawaii~

Hmm.. Doll-chan, should I put up my own pic? ._. Well what do YOU think? .-. Maybe no, keep my identity as low as possible. For why? I dont know.. These days, my dreams has become an endless field of emptyness. Like seriously, I dont remember what I dream about (which is good cause I KNOW that it's bad enough for me to not remember it; ignore the fact that I'm absent-minded.):p

Omigosh, my ears are gonna go deaf. .__. Malaysian music.. I mean the indie bands.. endless of them, many of which I dont know (except maybe Estranged) but I dont have any interest in them. Oh damn.... I missed the American Top 40 on Friday! x_X Argh.... I'm sure it shall repeat later in the night or something. T_T

Well my calculations was wrong, it WASNT cloudy. ._.; Instead, it was freaking hot! (Even though I never followed my step family to that wedding, I still feel hot.. .-.)
Okay.. now it's getting dark, gotta open- SWITCH on the light! (I remember when I used to tell my mother how saying open the light is wrong according to some grammar rules or something xD She used to get sooo irritated, maybe that's why she likes to bully me..? )

You know what? My sister hasnt come home since... the last 2 weeks and I aint complaining .-.; She's obviously busy, being in U isnt all that easy, even I know that. Though.. I wonder how her BF is doing.. and how her ex is doing, I havent been able to contact him (and her ex is like my own brother, though he's just as stubborn as myself x3) Speaking of which, my big brother got the chicken pox. :0 Now, only my sister and I are the only ones who didnt get it yet (wonder if Daniel's got it also with my brother, Radzi?) Too many questions left unknown.. I dont even know how many A's my big brother got in his last exam. .__> Well he's like first born and utterly clever, I'm SURE he did just fine.

Talk about which.. I've got this other oral I have to remember .___. but it's like pair work (my partner hasnt been to school, how the hell can I practise? :0) Well great, another work delayed for some time ^_______^

Oh god, I DONT KNOW what song is playing on the radio right now, all I know is that it's making my deaf <,,,,< xD well duh, it ought to.. cause well, I've got my mp3 on full blast. :p Papa jahat.. xDD this song is hilarious!! Almost as fun as the song 5x2 by this Indon band or something, I have no idea. o_o

Now all I have to do is figure out why I've got the word 'komsas' written on my right arm (surely it's supposed to remind me of something? since my notepad is useless at reminding me O_O I mean anything.. cause well, I merely check it out! xP)Oh yeah, I just reminded to remind myself that there's a difference in remembering death and wanting death (I still dont see it, someone slap me >,,>;;) And oh! I havent ironed my school clothes! o_O And yes, here we've got uniform (the prefects' uniform is cool yet hilarious if you look at their blouse xD)

WELL, Imma go get some water before I dehydrate... >,,>;
Walhitaufi Walhidayah, Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh (forgive my spelling, we never learnt how to spell it all in words <,,,,<)And.. Until next weekends, I wish YOU all the best. o.o

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