Saturday, July 5, 2008

So yeah, bored is the cure for boredom. ._.

Ah.. how should I start? >>

Maybe with the 1st of July.
So yeah, 1st of July.. the day he said goodbye.. T_T
Argh >< >> and I got a haircut. Hurrah~
I literally went insane, was screaming at my best friend >_> and then tripping all over the place like some mental maniac on the lose. :p Trust me, my moments aint nice to see... >> or be near to it.
And yeah o.o We had Indonesian students.. ._. like two of them, both girls.
Probably around my age << >> I love how Indonesians speak, it's so.. different. o_O

2nd of July! << 4 months till my b-day but yeah, birthdays are supposed to be nice, no? I cant remember what I did on that day.. <<
Probably.. but I'll leave that. Like my friends would say 'Abaikan..' but, I did skip tuition (SO not on purpose >< )>> At school, I read the surah Yassin <<

o.o And Aizat (this guy.. >>) told me that the science teacher missed me. xD He said the teacher kept on saying my name.. <-< >> And I just realized I dont use colours today.. or whatever day it is.. << cause my life is officially grey. No colours whatsoever. Just empty.. nothingness that fills inside me while I wait for him.. -___-;; Why do I feel poetic..

Well that is all, I am too lazy now. << Later?

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