Friday, July 11, 2008

Float like the clouds..

Um.. so where did I stop before? Oh yeah, Tuesday right? o_O

Now, Wednesday 9th July
Okay so I forget a lot. Including the fact that it was Wednesday. xD
Lets skip the morning shall we Doll-chan? Right after recess, my bestie and I head to the ICT lab (so yeah, I'm just used to call it that so bleh..) And you know what? We have the whole four periods in there. xD Mostly doing nothing cause the computer just have a grudge against us, so it wouldnt let us put in the marks. ~_~

Okay, I'll stop. xD
Thurday, 10th July o_o
PE! ^__^ Oh my god, we spent the lesson in the rain! xD Mostly doing nothing but throwing balls around o.o;;; softball we were practicing for.. .-.; Right after that, it was extremely cold. x_x
With the fan and all, everyone technically was shivering right to the bones.. ._______.;
Boy I'm glad that's over.

Friday finally! :D
I looooove Fridays. .-. In the assembly, it was about the Indonesian students leaving our school after two weeks (well, we only saw them for 3 days and that was it. .-.;;). It's supposed to be like giving the students over there a chance to come here and us to go there. ~_~ But.. it's only for 14, 16 and 17 year olds.. not us ;_________; so I dont have any chance @.@ But, but..
Our trials' not on the 20th August :0 It's on the 2nd ..of August. ._. Bleh, forget that.
So what's else..? Hmm..Oh yeah, the essay. ~_~
Bah, Imma work on it later~ I'm too tired now. @_@

In case you were wondering Doll-chan, to why I'm awake at this hour, it's cause I cant fall asleep. I cant even remember what I said to father. .-. And now, I.. I'm going to have my moment. xP
Man .__. Right where you want me- Jesse McCartney is what I'm listening to now. o_o

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