Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pass away, pass away bad influence!

Bleh, I'm just seriously pissed off at a certain someone right now.. It's my right, who is she to stop me..?

Meh, maybe death is too hard least crying isnt all that bad. .__. The fact that..bah! I aint gonna eat today, not in the mood to.
Lost all of it this morning, so much for that. I'm grateful man..
So far, my day just keeps getting worse. By far worse than before, but then again, isnt it always like this?
Sunday morning and people just keep on irritating me.. ._.

Grrr, I'm so mad I could kill for a hug. xD That's very funny.. No seriously, I could kill for a hug. Just one? But no... everyone's too fucked off to care for this girl. .-.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! ~_~ Bah, now I'm really mad!

Better get this over and done with before some more words come out, buh-bye!

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