Sunday, October 16, 2011

3 seconds.

Every three seconds, an underaged girl is forced to marry an older man/teenage/guyingeneral.
Wow. Talk about statistics.

First off, a very... um, interesting article;

Very refreshing.

It's cute, when little children say 'please'. I just love it. I think that's important, that children grow up in a stable environment, where they feel secure, safe, happy and well-educated. I don't like it when they say, "Oh, he/she is poor, therefore the chances of them getting educated is rather low". Wrong. Your status doesn't determine it. Look around, open your eyes; most of the students who gets 9A+ are from a poor family background, financially-wise. And even if you don't go to school, doesn't mean you are not educated. You are just not educated officially. There are two stages in learning; conscious learning (things you learn at school, from somebody, etc.) and unconscious learning (similar to observant learning, where one learn by watching another person). And just because you do not have the means for it, doesn't mean you can use it as an excuse. That has got to be the lamest reason ever. Like, people can work towards learning, if they really want to.
It all boils down to your heart; whether you're sincere about it or not.

Anyway, I practically feel exhausted to my bones. I spent a lot of time in the morning in cleaning the two cars my parents have, as a request from my mother. The strangest, but loveliest, thing happened to me in the process. I got lost in the time, but I was just finished with my mother's car and I was cleaning my father's; I was sweating from head to toe and it felt like it was raining especially on my head. My father got around to opening the car doors (the doors usually like to close itself when I open it, mostly because the car was slightly tilted to the side) and inside, I was just hoping for some water but I reminded myself that this is just heat in the world. Not yet in the afterlife. My father, to my relief, turned on the engines of the car, which meant the air conditioning was on and all the muscles in my body relaxed. My mother, on the other hand, helped by cleaning the dashboard. I forgot completely about it, I was supposed to do that before I started vacuuming. Oh well. The whole situation touched me, I seriously felt like I was about to cry and I swallowed the tears before they could start building up. Not that I wasn't already in 'tears', sweat from my forehead trickled down my cheek and it reminded me of crying, from before this happened. Working on a chore always gets me to thinking about everything.

It's like from the article, reaching out.
My parents won't even help me with my homework and I have to beg my mother to clip my nails for me, just so that I can feel her touching my hands. Sounds slightly pathetic, I know, but that was the only way. Well, was, until she didn't want to anymore, in the excuse that I'm old enough to do it by myself. I shrugged it off and I didn't want to make a mountain out of a mole. Yesterday, I think, I walked past my mother and she was kind of in the way, so I placed my hands on the sides of her arms and pushed her slightly just so I could pass. I was thinking of hugging her; I've been wanting to for a while now. It feels weird, and that's the more reason why I decided against it again and again, she'd think it's too weird.

And... I can't help this feeling, but I'm so excited about the date. I've been counting since August. Anxious, much?

Now I don't know what to be without you around.

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