Friday, October 7, 2011


As said in above, gratitude is a huge thing. For me, at least. Maybe that's why I don't feel so much for my parents, they don't show much emotion towards their children for one, and gratitude from them is like.... a miracle.

I wake up every day and I don't know remember much of what people, kind people, have done for me throughout my life course. That's why I have -- keep -- little things to remind me. Little things go a long way, don't they say that? On one of my alarm clock in my phone, there's this picture, that I keep, that a close friend of mine gave me. Ever since she sent me that picture, I keep it like it's my life. I hold onto it.

A classmate of mine once gave me a poster of Naruto. She knew I was sorta... obsessed with it, and she gave it to me. I can't particularly recall how happy I was -- correction, I always, always, ALWAYS remember how happy I was. In gratitude of her giving, I've kept it in my folder, as the cover. You know how she reacted? She was like.. "Wow, Amira, I've never had someone keep precious of something I gave them that fast."


Maybe I got it.

I remember watching this show, where they said, that feel good emotion from buying a thing only lasts around 9 months, maybe more in rare cases. But experiences go a long way. And gratification is a way of letting a person know how much we appreciate what and how they did things for us.

I suppose that's why I keep precious of my phone. My ring. My possession. Particularly those given to me specially.
For my former best friend's 16th birthday, I gave her a bracelet. And guess what? She wore the next day. Guess how I felt? Even though other people coughcough say that it isn't all that pretty, I feel the world, because she thinks it's pretty enough to wear and show me that she appreciates the fact that, I went out of my ways.

Yes, so I'm a little bad in giving presents.
It's the thoughts that count, no?

Hm... Let me see.

Oh yeah, my 12th birthday present, a yellow, sorta childish looking watch my father bought me. Mainly because I needed a watch, and it was close to November.

13th -- a GBA SP. Of my request.

I'm not much of a demanding person, but when I ask, it means I really want it.

I can't think of a lot right now, the only current one passing through my head right now is my essay about teachers for my Psychology class.
I was, I admit, flattered that I got to read my essay to the sections. That's roughly 100 people in the room. Wow, ain't it?

My dream house project for Math class in Year 8.
Strangely mine got picked as the best, through democratic votes among my classmates and I had to present it to Year 7.

See, experiences when I feel... appreciated.

Three things there;




Not that I'm saying you're supposed to flatter everyone, just use it wisely when you have the chance.
It really does go a long way.

If I barely remember my days, but I remember this even though it has happened for two, three, four, five years, what of other people?

Well.... This calls for a celebration! Third post of October, woo! Last night, I had an amazing dinner, thanks to PM's Budget 2012, my parents were in an amazing mood, even though my mother was slightly cranky before going out.

So I guess I should point this out, thank you Prime Minister for the RM200 you are giving us for books. On behalf of students in university, private colleges, community colleges and 6th Formers, THANK YOU.

... This probably means an election in the near future. Oh well. Gotta celebrate it before I think pessimistically. Wow... I didn't know I knew that word.

Cough. It's barely 8am right now, and I have loads of washing to do if I wanna make it before it turns to the Himalayas.

Guten nacht. :P

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