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Looking through the eyes of a teenager
According to Wikipedia, angst is of a term from the German, Danish and Dutch word, having a meaning of fear and anxiety. Fear calls for a feeling of being afraid and anxiety brings the meaning of worry and uncertainty. The phrase ‘Teenage Angst’ has been observed to suit and preserve each right as various studies have been made. Life certainly isn’t fair, as to the eyes of a teenager, and most of us would probably agree.

Being a teenager has never been of simplicity. The teenage years are those of which many potential life changing decisions are chosen and made. Some more obvious than others, but still all the same when it comes to premise of character in adulthood.
When reacting with the emotional self, our responses are manipulated and driven by the strongest emotion for the time. More often than not, for adults and teenagers alike, this is not of an affective reaction, as it could lead to situations being more exacerbated or creations of complications based on the behavior of one “emotion on a rampage” as if one as much fight with oneself.

When reacting with the true self, our responses are generated by all emotions, intellect, belief system, and past experiences. As a situation “launches”, and we find ourselves controlled by our emotions, we must allow ourselves time (though it really is a matter of seconds) to process ALL of our emotions then “camouflage” those with our thoughts processions and belief system. This is thus to achieve a stable thinking and state of mind.

Generalizing the definition
The word “love” has varieties of related, yet of similar meanings in different contents. The Greeks had established a sense of plurality for the word “love” as it was observed some languages expresses this said word with multiple words. Cultural differences thus make it difficult for love to have a universal definition.

“Puppy love”
Love -- We think about it, dream about it, lose sleep worrying about it. When we don't have it, we search for it, when we find it, we don't know what to do with it. We fear losing it! It is the source of our Pleasure and Pain, but we can't predict which it will be from one moment to the next. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without.Love is amazing, it is both tainted and pure, both kind and cruel. It is amazing, and amazingly hurtful. Love is like nothing else. Love is Eternal.

This is an example of the way teenagers think – some suggests it’s of Holy, some despise it. We experience a lot of things in our lives; one of which being in love. Many put in on the phrase of “puppy love”, meaning short, affectionate, non-lasting feelings for one, that of which a puppy might feel.

However, love being said hard to define; it is of importance all cases to be observed of differently. It is during this phase of which many teens make decisions that are not over-looked to being the right one of their lives, though it differs in different situations. Sexually, what teens experience and explore first hand, is the object of emotions of which associated with love. It is therefore critical to comprehend and feel to one of which they are going through before advising.

Love in aspects
In life, people fall in love at many stages. It is very possible for every person no matter age or indifference to feel or “fall in love.” However, there is a particular phase in life when one reach and everyone seems to want love. This connects with teenage years and love. When a teenager falls in love, it is as referred to as teenage love. Teens are very “unsustainable” and this is rather understandable. It is of the first time in life as for one to feel the urge to love the opposite sex. This is put forth on their physical and emotional growth. Their hormones are usually referred to as running wild and this is very much the case. Teenage is a confusing place to be because one is not of age as one is not mature but one is not of too young to be called a child. This is where the youth acts out and when it comes down to matter of the heart, a lot of them fall in love. Teenage love has sometimes been referred to being unrealistic love. Instead, experts say a lot of these feelings that teenagers have for the opposite sex is mainly infatuation. It is said to be a form of lust that passes with time. And as to how far this statement really go, only a teenager can comprehend.

Capricious of acts
Many questions have been to if this said “puppy love” is real love. Many shall object, while others otherwise. It is, undeniably, a difficult subject to comprehend. Some said “puppy love” last as others subside after short periods. It is of one’s readiness to make it last. As for teens, this is of much complication. Some suffer from deep depression, as some, otherwise. An issue of much, one cannot really define as one meaning, as for the word “love” itself. Teenage love is not something all agree on; but sometimes, it is rather a good substitution for one to go on with life. Fortunately, teenage is only a phase in life and as one grow, one discovers things and becomes wiser in the matter of love.

To many aspects, no one can claim to be an expert in neither love nor life. It comes without expectations and no one has control over it. As, “Love is something of that comes easy, and goes easy” no matter how difficult it may be for one to get over the said phase. One of the many things a teenager can do is make sure they have power over themselves; thus also knowing to the handling of themselves as it comes to the matters of the heart.

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