Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So yeah, cheeeeeerr! I didn't actually sleep, my eyes were peeking open every few minutes.. up 'till now, as I am awake. So hmm.. give me a minute to recall yesterday.

First off, I woke up late. Nevermind~! Because my Mother had to be out all day. So.. I was left with my three brothers. It wasn't actually all that bad 'cause you know what? My brothers all are crazy about games. But it was a relief my Mother (her being the nice one yesterday..) brought us lunch right before she went. Not that it made much difference either way. So I spend my mor..- er, afternoon on the TV (Laptop, also, as usual) then got all bored (as Daniel decided he torture me with PHDC. Not cool.) I wanted to stay upstairs in my room.. and maybe study something, but he had to make a fit, thus me being upset at him. (All that angry stuff, but I'm not going to go there.) Anyways, so yeah, me being bored, I decided I try my hands on the new game my other two brothers had been playing.

I was like, "I'm willing to learn to play, if you are willing to teach me."

He said yes. The usual problem with me and consoles is that.. I never learn! It gets all frustating, but I decided I better learn than nothing. I mean, watch PHDC and the stupid Dibo? Heck no.

So we started with basics. Let me recall what I have learnt :

1) Sasuke seems to be easiest for me to play with. (Haha, nahh, I'm joking. But I really like using him.)

2) Different ninjas can combine (Let's say Shippuuden Sasuke and Orochimaru) and sometimes can fight together; as in the special moves (Say Sakura and Naruto; she using his clones to attack the enemy) and there are also other things to it. (Not that I remember.)

3) x button is jump! Haha, I find this funny, but my brother told me I was able to do a swift jump (you know, high kick, high jump, frontal jump, etc) when they took forever to learn! Still funny, however, that's the most basic thing for me. I mean, of course, I love to jump (Especially on the matter in this Digimon game..)

4) Hmm.. Triangle and the "O" button is to use their special move. (Me stupidly do the other way around; thus leading to him being upset with me. Haha.)

5) "Up" + "Up" + "O" = A jutsu
As "Down" + "Down" + "O" = Another jutsu.

Lame, I know, but it's kinda hard for me cooperate with. My fingers are extremely stubborn. Damnit!

6) Chiyo-sama is superbly strong! I'm serious, I mean, with her puppets, I learnt that I can just use the "O" button all the time; without breaking a sweat. How cool is that!

7) Gaara tends to get slower after he uses a jutsu. Which leads me to a great advantage, me being Sakura. Haha. I'm really lame. But she's not that weak however, with her super-strength and all. My my. I'm not all that surprised, though.

8) The "Square" button is the items place. Strangely, I haven't been able to learn fully how to use them. Sucks, but I have to learn other things as well. Sometimes I forget; but fortunately, my brothers are rather sporting with me finally playing again.

9) The Fourth Hokage is fast! I never knew, seriously.

10) Unfortunately, this game also requires chakra. Daaammmnnniitt! My eyes have to look everywhere, I was starting to get tired. It's no wonder my brothers are always tired; now I feel their pain! The "Down" button to "charge" your chakra.

11) If using Sasuke, try not to use Chidori everywhere. (Funny? I'm serious here.) I was just practicing my jutsu skills; but darn, I almost got him once or twice. Sigh. I should learn more and put my techniques to battlefield.

Oh yeah, if you wondering what game am I talking about; I think it's the Uzumaki Chronicles 2, the one for PS2/PSP or something. I forget; but it's surely the Uzumaki Chronicles 2. (At least I think so..~)

Hopefully, I'd be able to zone again. I can't wait. To beat up my clones, that is. I learnt new jumping styles and other stuff. Hmm. Zoning is kind of hard, though. But hopefully, I'll master the techniques just in time to fight other people. Hopefully, with hope. Haha. Peace~

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