Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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About Teens Love

High school is a phase, or specifically a period of fun, education, drama, growth. But is it a place for love? Walking down the hallways, you will spot couples holding hands, kissing, and sometimes, more. The question is: Are teenagers capable of truly being in love or is it just “puppy love”?

There are two types of relationships: Those that last and those that don’t. Lately, it seems couples are lasting longer than the average weeks. Some date for a whole year or two, if not, longer. This, however, is in the minor range. High school sweethearts are becoming increasingly rare for relationships tend to last all of a week or two. In other words, high school is a good place to zoom in on what one would want to look for in a “special someone” but that doesn’t mean one could be truly in love with one’s boyfriend or girlfriend within a week. It is fine as long as one doesn’t profess undying love because then one would just be childish and foolish.

The question in mind is still: Can you honestly call any high school relationship true love? Would they last outside in the “real” world? Yeah, you heard right. I just depicted these teenagers aren’t living in the “real” world. Take a deep breath now – there are those that have overcome more than most adults but there are definitely those that don’t know the meaning of responsibility. For the most part, most teens have a certain amount of responsibility, but it is obviously nowhere near an adult’s. It is a fact. Is it possible that the only reason for your relationship is lasting just because you see each other a lot and keep an eye on each other? Because one knows, one would not be able to do that once one works and has people relying on you.

First off, let’s define love. I would think to love someone you have to have a friendship with them. It can’t just be a physical thing. One has to go through a lot to figure it out. “One can’t go out for a week, then say one loves another and mean it. Making it past one problem doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in love,” says junior Brittany. It would seem she is right. Let’s make this simple and think further. Friendship. The difference? The chemistry between two people? Trust? The complexity of love is that there is no exact formula. It doesn’t have a checklist that one fills out and once completed, it ensures one’s in love. No. All the things worth having are, of course, difficult to attain.

Despite the vague “description” of love, let’s move on. What is a common reason why relationships end? Lack of communication skills will only bring a relationship down. People just can’t seem to voice their opinions constructively without hurting the other’s feelings. Communication skills; that’s right, most adults don’t possess those, let alone teenagers. Get the picture here? Other reasons why teens can’t seem to keep relationships going are: drugs, music, and peer pressure. Singers close in age write about one night stand, and along those lines, of course. Is it surprising “relationship” has become such a vague term?

Are teens capable of true love? Yes, though don’t get ahead of yourself. It’s rare, but it’s not impossible. So, it would be more correct to assume that though rare, love may exist between teenagers. It depends on the people involved, their strengths, and their weakness. And most probably, their patience with each other.

I wrote this in less than an hour; about 45 minutes, as requested from a friend. I'm done. Yay.

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