Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miss you.

Blink 182.

So yeah, some of you may still remember this song. It's .. Hm, I'm not pretty sure how to explain it. Different, in its own ways. And as I am typing, I am also enjoying my pudding~ While waiting for someone, that is.

Well, I'm writing an account of my day after my last post.

Let's see.. well, aside from the usuals, my Mother brought me and my little, baby brother along to her school so she can finish up on some work. Translation --> Me having to follow my Mother to help her with the school computer; of which sucks. And yes, it is even a computer. A Windows 2000, at that fact! Haha, I'm saving up my energy for later. Speaking of which, my assignments are still unfinished and my oral.. ugh, don't even ask. I've prepared not a single word for it.

It started out well, I spent 2 hours in the Teachers' Room, doing nothing. It was boring, if I had to be honest. Daniel got all excited at me recording him in a video -- And to be honest, I wasn't entirely into it. I was.. half-awake. I was sure I'd fall asleep; even though I didn't. So I gave him the liberty of loitering around, video-ing the room, silently. It was somewhat educational. If one was studying the behaviour of a 4 year old.

Then after she finished, we moved on to the Exam Room -- Of where all the papers are. It was kind of thrilling to be in it -- If it wasn't for the very fact I've spent 2 hours; BORED, trying to make the system work before. But really, I'd have to give credit for its upgrade. If only I weren't so pessimistic about computers. Sigh. It was fun.. for I get to sit on the teacher's table, swinging my legs. If I weren't so hungry, I'd have liked it. Too bad I were.

And hey, finally a question popped up in my head.

Why do I call my parents Father and Mother?

It's a nice question.
You see.. my brother glares at me everytime I say, "Mum" or "Dad." And I merely think it's because after we were in Poland, Krakow. As my siblings ('cept Wan -- my oldest brother, as he was in M'sia) went to BISC -- A British International School of Cracow. Don't ask why it's "C" instead of "K" now. So I guess it was just a influence; as we were to speak in English for almost all the time. The teachers prohibited their students talking in different languages other than English -- As we are an International School. I perfectly understand.

Why Father and Mother? I don't quite know, to be honest. If I were to direct-translate from my mother-tongue to English, it'd have been Mom/Mum and Dad, actually. I don't know.. probably it's because we respect each other. Maybe a bit too much for our sake. Bah, does it even matter anyway? I have no utterly-man-made comment of it.

So yeah.. it's 23:22 now.

Bed time is nearing.. and I still want to wait. Not to mention my pudding is still unfinished. Hmm.

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