Monday, June 8, 2009

A promise.

Promised or not, I've said about posting another post. And I've sucessfully granted that -- You have no idea how..- Of how great I am feeling at the moment.

All my anger have now subsided; I feel so great! Though I would have felt better if my face stopped hurting.

I did nothing, I swear. (For as much as I want to admit, I did somewhat put myself into it. Something.. well, I'm not going to tell anymore. I was.. supposed to fry something; in a pan full of oil. And yes, it was pretty hot.. when it had exploded.) It hurt, though, I must admit. I was wincing; trying to hold myself together. For all more masochistic reasons, I was feeling great, at the moment. I was feeling pain; pain that had called upon my subconciousness -- Causing adrenaline, all together swishing to a very.. pleasurable feeling. Hurt, yes, but satisfying. (Ugh, someone slap me already.) Happy but not happy -- Get me now?

You know, I wonder sometimes -- If Love wasn't as hard, would people still die for it? Or would it be too dull; that people just won't bother to be into it anymore?

Hmm, questions without answers. Pain without cure.

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