Sunday, June 7, 2009


As all might've guess, yes, I am pretty worn out at the moment. But look, I woke up late this morning.. pretty much from staying up to call him.
You know, I was thinking.. Just how much of one's childhood does one actually remember?

'Cause, if you ask me, I've.. apparent holes everywhere. From kindergarden, I only as much as remember of when my brother was born. (Me being with Father's driver; who took me practically everywhere.) And then I'd skip a few (what seems long) years up until first/second grade -- Where my friend turned her back on me; of which made me mental. (For almost the most of my now life). Then to Fourth grade, of where I turned my interest on the subject of English (very much likely for a girl as I were) and how that had influenced my whole life.

You see, English was not of a favourite for most people. (Personally, I take it as easy. Or.. is it just the fact that I took ESL for a whole three years; my teacher being content with my staying in her class?) That, I do not know.

But as most of you may know, I was abroad for some while (of which changed my whole perspective of life and people itself, haha.) Unconventional, however, providing the fact that my mother tongue is really of a low .. um, however you can put it than other of my classmates. I must admit, I do regret sometimes. But, I'd never regretted upon my knowledge; seeing where it has gotten me. I trust myself in self-learning (upon my mother tongue or others...) and I know I'd pass it if I put my mind to it. It's really easier done than said (My diligentness is of high, whether I want to admit it or not -- Seeing I've done 5 hours of studying; without headache, backache, soreness or even loss of interest. I'm silly, aren't I?) if it wasn't for distractions (Friends, him, and other.. things in my life I must attend to than just sit in my room, open a book, and read.) I'm still silly, I know.

And I shall continue, for I am a childish brat whose needs are never attended to -- And I had never whined about them, anyway, haha.
Oh well, I'll post another, later, when my day finishes. Ciao.

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