Friday, June 26, 2009

Breaking the Habit.

So yeah, woo! It's finally Friday, I thought the day would never come. It's almost ending here, anyways, but whatever. Yeahh.. I've got my latest picture up. Just thought people might be curious. Well, it's there for the being. For the time. At least.

Well.. uh, yeah. So um, I'm supposed to write up a biography now. Special request.

Well alright, I'm doing it cronologically. However you spell that.


I was born on the second of November, 0728, in a clinic called Anis. The day when my father had his exam; and thankfully, he passed. Anyways, I was rather healthy, I suppose. Moving on!


Everyone had their own experience, mine, not as much happy to sad, really. I grew two to three years in a bangalow; of which where I got my first scar ever -- Top of left forehead. (Barely noticeable anymore, however.)

I was sort of the last child; being the third and all. So everyone thought there would be no more after me; so I was simply just the youngest. I had the youngest nickname in Malay -- Adik. And I'm still Adik.

We moved to another state, of where I had a babysitter -- Nicknamed Batman! (Not sure why anymore..) But basically, I held a grudge against my parents for me having a babysitter in the first place. (My thinking was simple; how could they leave me with a babysitter, then torture me with a younger sibling? Yeah, that sort of thinking.) But it wasn't just me, basically. My brother and sister, of course, also were with me.

I weren't the best of knowledge to socialize; being a brat and all. I was rather spoiled-- confining I had a choice not to go to kindergarden at times. Anyways, we had a neighbour. So me and my sister had friends. One of each; twins. Jasmine was my favourite of the two. Providing she nicknamed me "Amiera", or just simply because she can't possibly spell my name properly as everyone else at the time? Possibly. Yeah well, we were the best of friends. Not that we communicate with talking most of the times. .... Yeah, you've guessed; she's dead already. Not that you people had the question in mind, of course.


Okay, I literally hated school. Not much I can say.. except for the mere fact I've hated it since my first school friend. Period.

Hey.. I'm sleepy already. Ugh. Gotta get more caffeine.. hmm. Adieu.

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